There is no must in art
because art is free
Art is a journey of a
free soul
The artist sees what
others only catch a glimpse of
A picture is a poem
without word
The job of the artist is
always to deepen the mystery
Art makes you breathe
with a different kind of happiness

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Kavita’s Creative Academy

Welcome to Kavita’s Creative Academy. I have been an artist all my life and through my various forms of expression, I have been able to connect with people all over the world.

Art is a right everyone should have access to, and whether it’s by the art I create or the classes I teach, my goal is to offer inspiration and creativity wherever possible and to bring out the creativity from an individual.

I believe there should be no limits or boundaries to the creation of art and that is something I look to express in my paintings.

I love to work on bespoke and commissioned art pieces for projects where my ideas and expectations align with my clients, which allows me to creatively translate them onto the chosen surface.

Browse through my portfolio, collection, and classes to discover more about me as an artist and how I can help you grow as an artist.

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Niraj Haria

I did a workshop with my niece. Had a great time. I haven’t done anything like this before. Kavita is very good, knowledgeable and patient as it was my first time. It was very therapeutic. I also saw other pieces of Kavita and was very impressed with those as well. Would recommend Kavita’s workshop to all.

Binit Shah

My wife and daughter did the one to one mandala class recently. It was easy to follow and they both really enjoyed the activity. Kavita is very patient, communicates well and has great teaching skills. Highly recommend her art activity classes.

Sadia Ahar

Kavita is such a amazing art tutor for me. I took an online dotted mandala course with her. This painting give me relexing, beautiful colours pattren to learn how to start and how to make pattern on board. I loved mandala Painting and enjoyed alot with dotted. I would like highly recommended her everyone to join kavita and learn alot of technique about art. She is very nicely friendly and understanding us very well. I enjoying with her all are art work. Thanks you so much Kavita. Lots of love.

Sangita Kamath

Kavita has been such a wonderful tutor. I took an online dotted mandala art course from her. Her technique of teaching is good. Very patient in giving time to complete the art. Would definitely recommend her and i am looking forward to learning more forms of art from her soon.

Shanta Thakur

Had a great time learning mandala dots from Kavita. Would highly recommended if you wish to treat yourself with some new learning..

Nirlep Kaur

My daughter and I had a zoom lesson with Kavita as a fun project to do together. We thoroughly enjoyed and loved the end product. Kavita is extremely professional and guided us throughout the process. Highly recommend

Ashima Kudaisya

An experiment to try dot mandala art for fun with tremendous encouragement from Kavita led to discovery of a passion for my mom! Kavita works with your strengths and patiently teaches the techniques. To me Mandala has so many parallels with real life. It’s an experience that you will fall in love with. For my mom, Kavita guided her to create huge wooden panels for my living room art- this was incredible to see for a newbie. Such an amazing spiritual experience this has been. We’ve definitely found a life long teacher in kavita.

Miky Zova Elbastova

finished my masterpiece. Thank you Nina for beautiful and unique present and thank you Kavita for guiding me through to make this lovely art . I thoroughly enjoyed this experience

Meeta Chohan

Thank you Kavita for guiding me to create this piece of art, I can call my own. I had no idea where the 5 x 1 hour sessions went, and it was so relaxing; Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something new, and the perfect opportunity for some ‘me time’ during this period. Kavita is very encouraging and each design is unique and so stunning! Try it! You won’t be disappointed with this online course!
Thank you Kavita

Kejal Shah

I really enjoyed the online Mandala class with Kavita. She is so patient and precise. Absolutely in love with the painting.

Heena Shah

My first attempt at Mandala and it was a lovely experience Kavita was very patient and explained everything so well!! Thank you for a lovely experience during these trying times

Prerna Thakkar Beygo

My maiden attempt at dotted mandala and I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece! Kavita was very professional and accommodating during the zoom sessions and I highly recommend her class if anyone is keen on doing something new. I personally found this to be a very therapeutic experience and am glad I decided to make time for myself to learn something new amidst all the chaos.

Deb Truman

This was my first go at mandala painting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kavita as extremely patient and guided me through the whole process. Would definitely recommend an online course to anyone thinking of giving this a go.

Nupur Gupta

I had never done Mandala previously. Within a week I had five classes and under the expert guidance of Dr Kavita I was able to create a beautiful Mandala. I would highly recommend Dr Kavita. She is very patient and creative.

Sangita Agrawal

I really enjoyed working with Kavita. I had never made Mandala before but with her support and guidance I was able to make one. She is very creative and encouraging artist. Thank you so much kavita and love to work and learn from you in future.

Kathrine Ebdon

I have really enjoyed my online classes with Kavita, she is so lovely and patient and welcoming.
I’m so proud of my art, it’s something that’s kept my mind occupied during lockdown. I will miss my daily lessons.
I would 10000 percent recommend this course!

Priya Tulcidas

I had an amazing time learning dotted mandala painting with Kavita, didn’t even realise when time flew by. A very patient, passionate and encouraging artist! I truly enjoyed my lessons with you. Thank you for introducing and guiding me through this beautiful form of art!

Iswarya Ganesh

Kavitha is an artist with passion and you can feel and see that when we had our madhubani lesson. Shes been very patient throughout giving guidance when needed. It was very therapeutic and a day very well spent immersed in art !
Would love to come back any day to do more of this !

Rupal Bhogaita

We had such a lovely time at the workshop. I have no idea where the time went!
Thank you for your guidance, patience, hospitality and kindness. It truly was such fun

Priya Hetul Chandaria

I did a course of mandala with kavita, it’s is brilliant. Very friendly, chatty kavita will make you feel at home. She has the patience and the mandala piece I made just love it. I shall be back to learn new techniques.

Archana Patel-Nanavati

Kavita was absolutely amazing and guided the girls to create such beautiful pieces of art. The smiles from the girls at the end of the party was a true reflection upon how much they actually enjoyed the activity.
I would highly recommend Kavita for such an event as it’s often difficult to gauge how teenagers would want to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Dipali Popat Thakrar

Lovely workshop held by Kavita. I absolutely enjoyed my time doing the Madhubani painting. Workshop is held in a relaxed homely atmosphere. Kavita puts you at ease with free hand drawing even when someone hasn’t drawn in years. Looking forward to doing more workshops with Kavita and would highly recommend her.

Reshy Resh

I just finished my first of many im sure workshops with Kavita. This was on decoupage and i learnt soooo much. This workshop is sooooo much better than utube videos as you learn soo much and need someone experienced like Kavita who showed us evey step and even mistakes of how to overcome and correct. I learnt soooo many techniques and now just need to practice. Looking forward to many more classes with Kavita. Thank you sooooooo very much

Sonya Moledina

My children have done a few classes with Kavita and she is brilliant. She has a purpose built art studio, fully resourced and is very generous with equipment and resources. Having witnessed a wreath making class with my children, she is a passionate, energetic and patient teacher. I love her creativity and her energy. It was more than an art class with her nurturing my children to follow instructions and having encouraging them to persevere. Kavita was always at arms length to guide them and facilitate whilst encouraging independence.
Thank you- we will be back for more!

Rachana Shah

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Mandala workshop with Kavita. She is thorough and so helpful. Looking forward for another day of mixed media workshop…
Thanks for being so patient

Dina Rathod

My friend and I really enjoyed the Mandala class with Kavita. It was not something either of us had tried before. Kavita guided us patiently through the whole process. She is friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable! It was quite a long session but we did not feel rushed at all and Kavita was determined to teach us the techniques well. We came away with something beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend her workshop!

Chetna Chudasama

Wonderful workshop with Kavita. Learnt about mandalas and colours. Thank you Kavita for such a lovley shared experience for me and my friends.

Kajal Haria

I had the pleasure and privilege of learning dotted mandala with Kavita today. Kavita is a wonderful teacher. Her eye for detail and colour is truly impressive. With many students, each having their own ideas for their work and making a few mistakes along the way, Kavita effortlessly managed to guide each one of us. All the mandala were so unique and truly beautiful. I am actually truly proud of my own as I still cannot believe I made it. 5.5 hours flew so quickly and Kavita, with her sense of humour kept us focussed and entertained at the same time.
A very therapeutic and fulfilling experience which I highly recommend to everyone. Do one of Kavita’s classes (especially the dotted mandala one) coz you deserve it!

Hetal Ray Patel

I had a very Good time with Kavita in Mandala workshop. She is such a lovely person and top of it very talented artist. Thank you Kavita

Kavita Farmah

The art workshop by Kavita was an amazing experience! It turned out to be a very long session (Kavita really should charge more for the amount of hours she dedicated to us) but it was very relaxed and therapeutic. The end result was beyond my expectations. Kavita was an excellent teacher. She taught me art skills that I can now try out at home for myself.
I really enjoyed my time at the workshop and will definitely be booking another workshop too! Thank you Kavita

Manisha Moudgil

An amazing, therapeutic and creative class! Kavita is an extremely talented teacher with great skill and knowledge of Mandala Art. Highly recommend the workshop!

Nisha Motwani

Thank you so much Kavita for such a lovely experience and learning. It was one amazing day and I’m so delighted with the Madhubani I made, cannot wait to put it up.
I’m looking forward to the contemporary Ganesha and also other classes with you!
Your aura brings out creativity
A big thank you for your warmth and hospitality did not realise where the hours flew by and got home with a beautiful painting and few new friends
I would highly recommend Kavita as a patient and knowledgable teacher. She was guiding and encouraging us throughout.

Nimi Shah

My sisters and I had our first Mandala painting class with Kavita and we loved it! Kavita is a great teacher and takes the time to show you and give ideas!
She’s a fun personality and very friendly! Definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn something different and create your own masterpiece!

Kajal Seema Shah

I highly recommend Contemporary Art by Kavita. She’s very professional and is super at what she does. Her workshops are brilliant. She has a lot of knowledge and her way of teaching is amazing.
Thank you Kavita.

Aasha Bika

Thank you Kavita for an amazing day!! You were so patient and great at teaching. Learnt new techniques

Marie Fernandes

Excellent class in Mandala painting. Learned about technique and structure to create a unique piece.

Sejal Popat

My daughter attended the Mandala class and came out with a beautiful masterpiece! Kavita is a great teacher, really engaged well and my daughter enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you Kavita.

Tina Patel

We had an amazing day with Kavita , throughly recommend her classes !
Thank you for a lovely day and look forward to doing more art classes with you !

Seema Shah

Thank you so much for a fabulous & Inspirational experience, and for also sharing your knowledge & experience in such a captivating way. It was an absolute pleasure to be taught by you. Kavita’s passion in what she does is contagious and makes the course both interesting and fun. If you are looking for something different look no further. Highly recommended.

Swati Jhawar Kejriwal

I did my mandala class with Kavita today and it was a pleasure! kavita started the class with introductions.. telling us about the art.. and how will we be spending our day.
Her instructions were clear and precised.
Her knowledge of art helped us understand what we were doing, better. She kept helping us out throughout explaining colour schemes to use, how to develope our pattern etc.
kavita was very easy to work with and interact with.
on the the whole it was a day well spent!

Rima Patel

We did a family workshop of Madhubani art for the adults and dotted mandala for the girls. We absolutely loved creating our Madhubani pieces. Kavita patiently guided us when needed, teaching us the concept of contrasting colours and how to add detail and keeping check on how we were getting on. The girls cant stop showing off their dotted mandalas. She taught them how to do it making sure the dots were perfect and what colours to use. Thank you so much for making it a fun filled day with sisters and sister in laws x

Nehal Shah

My Mum, My daughter’s and myself had the best mandala art session. Kavita spent the day showing us the mandala art and was there through out guiding us….
loved every moment…
thank you Kavita…
I highly recommend Kavita…
Will be sharing our mandala photos… watch the space..

Geeta Agarwal

Kavita made two very beautiful boxes for me..they were Rakhi gifts and the girls loved them.. Kavita was very patient in understanding my requirement and delivered more than expected within my budget.. I will definitely get more boxes from Kavita.
Thank you Kavita

Halima Affan

My kids had and their friend had a lovely time learning how to decorate their chest of drawers. Their dad cant believe that they made such professional looking art and my kids want to go back for more. Hats off to Kavita for her being such an inspiration for them!

Sejal Shah

Kavita ran a professional workshop that started on time. She had all the materials required all laid out ready for the girls to start working with. Radhika came back beaming with a beautiful jewellery box that looked absolutely stunning. She was shown different techniques to embellish the drawers with and Kavita helped her by guiding her patiently. Thank you Kavita for an excellent workshop!

Reena Shah

So pleasantly surprised by Kavita’s art class. My daughter came home happy and with a lovely finished piece of work. Kavita’s workshop at the back of her garden was neat and tidy and provided an inspirational setting. Kavita did not rush her students. The class over ran 30 minutes while the girls finished their work and she did not mind. Definately will do more sessions with her.

Kastur Pindolia

My daughter and myself attended the dotted mandala workshop as a mother and daughter time together .
It was a very therapeutic and mindful, grounding and creative experience , we both left feeling calm and relaxed which lasted the whole day and even into the next day. Every time we look at our Mandala’s we see a different perspective and a new image/feeling fills our bodies .
Kavita welcomed us and guided us each step of the way with such passion and exuberance and joyful laughter . Will definitely be back for more therapeutic creativity .
Thank you Kavita for sharing your joy , passion and creativity and exuberance .
Kastur Pindolia

Meenal Sachdev

My son really enjoyed his session with Kavita – she made it so much fun but at the same time challenged the children and kept them really engaged. Thank you!

Rachna Gupta Vahitra

Kavita’s notebooks making workshop was amazing. Full of creativity and learnt lots of new techniques. Definitely going for more workshop and will recommend to friends.Thank you!

Raj Madhury

My daughter really enjoyed making her own drawer box giving her opportunity to be creative, Kavita encouraged her to use lots of ideas and she learnt different art forms to make her unique box.

Smita Haria

Arianna really enjoyed the drawer making workshop with Kavita. She is really proud of her work. Thank you Kavita for making it a lovely experience

Maria Yara Mattar

My 8 year’s daughter loved Kavita’s workshop! She learnt different art techniques and she made a beautiful drawer organizer. I will definitely book another art workshop for her and I totally recommend Kavita’s Art workshop. Very happy! Thanks Kavita

Hima Shah

Tara thoroughly enjoyed her workshop on her scrapbook today. She can not wait to attend her next workshop and learn more from you. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wanting to send their children to enjoy the experience with Contemporary art by Kavita. Thank you

Hardiki Patel

Dr Kavita is a full package! You want to learn any art or even improve than you know whom to go with.
A very talented, fun and loving teacher, I highly recommend her.

Manraj Tawana

Kavita’s workshop was fantastic! She went through step by step showing different techniques to make the multi media notebook cover, I learned so much! Thank you!

Nimita Mukhey Vara

3 corners left but I am so proud! I had the most fantastic time with Kavita during my online course and actually sad I don’t have my morning lessons with Kavita. I am so thankful to her for making it such a pleasure to do and complete my Mandala. Thank you thank you x x

Anu Shah

Riya & Tara thoroughly enjoyed your Dotted Rangoli Art workshop. The girls will surely be coming back to your new workshops for sure. Thank you for being flexible with time. I am going to highly recommend you to all. Thank you Kavita

Sonali Shah

my daughter had a great time at your Diwali art workshop and made some beautiful pieces! thank you

Krithika Dwarakanath

What an amazing day with Kavita Sagar guiding us to do the Madhubani art. Being a beginner was worried if i could make justice to the art, i wouldn’t have achieved it without Kavita’s guidance and help. Kavita made sure we learned the technique and completed the work while we were at the workshop, thank you Kavita. hope to do many more workshops with you.