Available: Face-to-Face / Online
Price £90.00 – £175.00

  • Adults Size – 40 by 40 cm £165.00
  • Online – £90.00 (3 hour – Once booked the workshop material list will be emailed you. )
  • One to one class – £175.00 (please give 3 date options, including weekends and 1 will be confirmed)

Our Geode Art workshops are open to anyone above the age of 16 and offer an excellent way to unleash your creativity along with taking up a challenge. The term ‘geode’ is situated in both geology and mineralogy and its formation is a cause of volcanic lava rocks cooling, thus containing gas bubbles. The chemical reactions taking place as a result of hot water and dissolved quartz penetration within the lava cavities, result in different colours of the crystals formed.

Reserve your workshop spot at least two weeks beforehand to ensure preparedness of necessary materials.For last-minute attendees, please call to check space availability and material stock. If you didn't book in advance, contact by phone to inquire about availability and materials.
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Resin and Geode Art Classes in Harrow
Geode Art Workshop

What is Geode Art?

Geode resin art is made by placing crushed crystals and similar materials alongside coloured resin to recreate the natural look of rock formations. In particular the material in use could be anything from glitter, crystals, paint, stones and other mixed media supplies. The use of luxury pigments and well thought colour combinations enable you to establish a luminous sheer, topping the entire creation off with a luxurious look and feel. This artistic version of a geode made with resin is essentially the sparkling inner life revealed in a cross section of an actual mineral shell. Creations can range from coasters to large sculptural works and home corner features.

What happens in the Geode Art Workshop?

The workshop is for 6 hours, split into a 4 hour and 2 hour session.

In our geode art workshop, you will learn a multitude of techniques, including a comprehensive material introduction, different timeframes when working with these materials, dealing with errors that may occur during the material handling and an in-depth discussion around layouts and preparation of the wooden board. There will also be an allergy check for your health and safety along with some additional safety information.

I will guide along the foundations of how to begin with the material, how to prepare your workspace, introduce you to the optimal ratios of resin combinations, while ensuring that you enjoy the entire process of discovery. The workshop is for 6 hours, split into a 4 hour and 2 hour session. The latter session is after a few days from the former session. This workshop is suitable for individuals who are above the age of 16, and will create an artwork on a 40 x 40 cm prepared wooden pane. Please note that there might be a slight variation in the sizes as we are dependent on the availability of surfaces. At the end of the workshop, your creations will need to be left behind as they need to dry before being transported. You are welcome to collect them after 48 hours or they can be posted to your address for an additional fee.

Further Information about the workshop

  • The workshop can be customized for individual requirements. The cost and duration of a bespoke workshop will be dependent on the size and complexity of the artwork involved and engagement required.
  • For the kids workshop, drop off/pick up will be outside the house.
  • Please avoid wearing new and expensive clothing to the workshop as there might be some spillage.
  • There is free parking outside the house.
  • Please pack a snack and bring a drink for the duration of the workshop – kindly avoid nuts.
  • It’s important to reserve your spot for the workshop at least two weeks beforehand so that we can ensure all the necessary materials are ready for you. If you decide to come to the workshop at the last minute, please give me a call to check if there is still space available and if all the required materials are in stock. If you didn’t book the workshop in advance, feel free to contact me by phone and inquire about availability and material availability.

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Terms & Conditions related to The Impasto Painting Workshop

  • Any cancellation made 24 hours before the workshop will result in a 30% administration fee to cover costs that have already been incurred.
  • There is no refund available if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the workshop.
  • Any cancellations due to COVID19 or other health setbacks will entitle a postponement of the workshop to a later date. No refunds are available.

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