Available: Face-to-Face / Online
Price £ 65.00 – £175.00

  • Children Size A4: £65.00
  • Adults Size 50 by 50 cm: £150.00
  • Online £100.00 (5 hour) without kit – Once the workshop is booked will emailed you the material list will be emailed to you in 24hours)
  • One to one class – £175.00 (please give 3 date options, including weekends and 1 will be confirmed)

The beauty of mixed media is the creative freedom it provides to the individual artist. It enables you to combine various creative mediums to create a work of art that includes multiple forms. Once an artist understands that there are no limits to what their art can be, everything suddenly becomes a potential canvas. Mixed media empowers you in that respect, giving you the tools to explore and reshape your creative boundaries.

Reserve your workshop spot at least two weeks beforehand to ensure preparedness of necessary materials.For last-minute attendees, please call to check space availability and material stock. If you didn't book in advance, contact by phone to inquire about availability and materials.
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Mixed Media Good Luck Course
Mixed Media Good Luck Course
Mixed Media Good Luck Course

What is mixed media?

The history of mixed media art is still relatively new, with its origins found in the early years of the 20th century. The cubist works of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in 1912 are largely seen as the start point, and as attitudes become more open and inclusive, mixed media art was able to rapidly evolve over the last 100 years.

Mixed media shouldn’t be confused with multi-media, however. While both describe the use of a range of materials, multi-media focusses on incorporating video, electronic media, film and audio, which is different to mixed media.

When it comes to mixed media, it can involve the combination of any medium. For example, if you are a painter who traditionally uses a canvas, this could be transferred onto a piece of wood or any other object, such as furniture. You can even be a digital artist who prints out your work and then pastes them onto a form, painting over it to create an entirely new sculpture.

What happens in the mixed media Good Lord Ganesha class?

Lord Ganesha is one of the most important and respected figures in the Hindu religion, with many seeking blessings from him as The Deity of Good Fortune.

You can choose your own picture of Lord Ganesha to work with, or use your own sketch if you have one. As a mixed media class you will need a number of materials such as a palette knife, texture paste, metallic colour tubes, stones, embellishments, flowers, glue and brushes.

This is a one-on-one class that runs over Zoom, with each lesson lasting for one hour, and the full course comprises of 7 lessons. I will help you learn how to handle the use of a palette knife, while also teaching you about space division, blending and artistic layout.

Further Information about the workshop

  • The workshop can be customized for individual requirements. The cost and duration of a bespoke workshop will be dependent on the size and complexity of the artwork involved and engagement required.
  • For the kids workshop, drop off/pick up will be outside the house.
  • Please avoid wearing new and expensive clothing to the workshop as there might be some spillage.
  • There is free parking outside the house.
  • Please pack a snack and bring a drink for the duration of the workshop – kindly avoid nuts.
  • It’s important to reserve your spot for the workshop at least two weeks beforehand so that we can ensure all the necessary materials are ready for you.If you decide to come to the workshop at the last minute, please give me a call to check if there is still space available and if all the required materials are in stock. If you didn’t book the workshop in advance, feel free to contact me by phone and inquire about availability and material availability.

If you would like to enquiry about this class please fill out the form below.

Terms & Conditions related to Mixed Media Workshop

  • Any cancellation made 24 hours before the workshop will result in a 30% administration fee to cover costs that have already been incurred.
  • There is no refund available if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the workshop.
  • Any cancellations due to COVID19 or other health setbacks will entitle a postponement of the workshop to a later date. No refunds are available.

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